The Whispers of Il'gynoth

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The Whispers of Il'gynoth

Postby Donnieclark » Thu Dec 21, 2017 12:11 am

Hello All,

So it seems that Il'gynoth is a pretty chatty tree, there is several quite interesting messages that he will whisper to people while in his area, which I think are not just random gibberish, but actually relevant to the current expansion, and some even hinting at things yet to come. Here is each of them and what I think they mean.
"The King of Diamonds has been made a pawn."
This one is fairly easy, I think its quite obviously referring to Magni who was a king who got turned to diamond and is now a servant of the titan spirit in Azeroth.
"Flesh is his gift. He is your true creator."
This is probably just a reference to the curse of flesh and the old god who caused it, N'zoth I think.
"Her heart is a crater, and we have filled it."
This I think is referring to Azeroth herself, and more specifically the Well of Eternity (now the Maelstrom) and the old god N'zoth residing in it.
"The boy-king serves at the master's table. Three lies will he offer you."
This one I think refers to Wrathion, who even told us during mists of pandaria to not trust him if I remember correctly.
"From the earth, he draws strength. Our earth. Our strength."
This I think is also referring to Wrathion, and how he as a black dragon draws strength from the earth, and the old gods are imprisoned under the earth, perhaps a hint to Wrathion being corrupted?

Please help.

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