New Choose your own adventure segment in the podcast

This forum provides the community interface for voting on the actions in the choose your own adventure segment on the podcast

New Choose your own adventure segment in the podcast

Postby Terl Obar » Sat Oct 17, 2009 4:09 pm

In discussion with various members of the SF community we decided it might be fun to add a little choose your own adventure module to the end of the podcasts. The format for this will be as follows. I’ll describe a situation or scene that is happening and present some choices for action you can take. Then there will be a link in the show notes on the podcast website to the forum for the choose your own adventure segment. In the forum we’ll post the text of the scene description and the choices and set up a poll where the community can vote for the action of the character in the story. A few days before the next podcast is published, we’ll close the voting and the results of the choice will be played out in the next episode. We’ll see how this goes and if popular, we’ll keep it in.

In this adventure, you will be playing the character of Alex Tornholt a young computer tech for the Cassidine Development corporation working in a research center in New Hope on Triad.
The Laws of Physics will be enforced.
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