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Episode 3 Scene

PostPosted: Mon Nov 02, 2009 11:27 pm
by Terl Obar
Something in your sister’s voice seems to have touched a nerve and you realize that she probably wasn’t joking. With thoughts of what could possibly be going on, you impatiently make your way off the platform.

Once clear of the exit gate, you race out of the monorail terminal and head out onto the street, bumping a few fellow passengers along the way. Calls of “Watch where you’re going” and “What’s the hurry?” echo behind you. As you brush past a slower moving dral you hear id chuckle, “Must have a bee in his bonnet” followed quickly by a bellowing, “Make way! Coming through! Coming through! Make way!”

Startled back into a recognition of your surroundings, you look back to see the dralisite hustling along behind you. Startled by the sudden change in demeanor and the fact that he seems to be following you, you unconsciously slow down. “Get a move on it, lad,” the Dral calls out. “Time’s a wasting. Hurry up or you’re going to miss whatever the rush is all about. Don’t worry about me I’ll catch up eventually.”

You can’t decide if the Dral is crazy, knows something, or is just playing with your mind the way Drals sometimes do. Do you:

  1. Ignore the Dralisite as crazy and follow his admonition to hurry, continuing down the street and leaving him behind?
  2. Slow your pace to match his and question him while you’re running?
  3. Stop and confront this being that has started following you?

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