Episode 4 Scene

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You are standing at the entrance to the apartments. Do you:

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Episode 4 Scene

Postby Terl Obar » Sun Dec 13, 2009 7:07 pm

Shaking your head and deciding that you’ll never understand Dral psychology, you put him out of your mind and hurry down the street toward your apartment complex to get home and check on your sister. As you get close, you slow down and, glancing over your shoulder, notice that the Dral is still huffing along behind you but is now a ways off. Seeing you look back, he waves. You continue to ignore him and turn back toward home.

Approaching your apartment block, you notice that the traffic is fairly light around the building. There are few parked hover and ground cars out front, as well as a delivery hover transport with a yazarian in attendance at the vehicle’s back doors looking impatient. He looks like he’s waiting for something and has been sitting there longer than he would like. He keeps alternating between leaning up against the hover transport and pacing back and forth.

As you reach the apartment building’s entrance, a ground car comes slowly up the parking ramp from the garage under the apartments. Suddenly, a motorcycle come screaming out of the garage and swerves around the ground car narrowly squeezing between it and the building wall. Once clear, it turns right and heads off down the road.

Startled by the motorcycle, the driver of the ground car hits their brakes. Behind them, a hovercar, obviously traveling a little too fast for the underground parking area, tries to stop but can’t and collides with the groundcar, albeit at a fairly low speed. While you can’t really read the expression on the Vrusk groundcar driver’s face, it’s fairly easy to tell that the human driving the hovercar is angry.

You are standing at the entrance to the apartments. Do you:

A. Wait for that crazy Dralasite to catch up?
B. Accost the Yazarian waiting by the delivery truck?
C. Approach the accident in the parking garage exit?
D. Head inside and up to your sister’s apartment?
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