Episode 5 Scene

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You're standing is your sister's room. Do you:

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Episode 5 Scene

Postby Terl Obar » Thu Jan 20, 2011 8:23 am

Ignoring the commotion on the street and the dral that is following you, you race into the main entrance of the building. Seeing that all the elevators are on other floors and all higher than your sister's, you duck into the stair well and begin racing up the stairs two at a time. You quickly reach the fourth floor where your sister's apartment is located. You are quite winded from the dash up the stairs and realize you need to get into better shape.

As you come out of the stairwell, all is quiet on your sister's floor. You quickly move down the hall and around the corner. As you approach her apartment, something doesn't seem right. As you reach the door, you realized that the door is not closed tight but is slightly ajar, something on the floor is preventing it from closing. Looking down you see a silk flower caught in the doorway. You recognize it as one of the flowers from the vase you sister kept on a table by the entrance.

Opting for bold over cautious, you throw the door open to a scene of chaos. The room is a mess. There was obviously a struggle and you see what looks like the dissolving remains of a tangler grenade sicking to the doorway going into the bedroom. Moving deeper into the apartment you see that struggle continued into the bedroom, or maybe originated there, as your sister's phone is sitting in the middle of the bed beeping.

Returning to the main room you notice that all the books except one are missing from one of the book shelves. The are scattered around the room as if they were used as projectiles. Curiously, you look at the book remaining and see it is one of your sister's xenothropology books: The Garden of Hentz & the Yazirian Star Exodus. You wonder if there was any reason she left that one on the shelf.

From your vantage point by the bookshelf, you can see into the kitchen area and notice that a piece of paper has been hung from one of the cabinets by a knife, which looks to be one from the kitchen. You move over and see that it is a note, addressed to you:

If you want to see your sister alive, you'll do exactly as you're told. Go to your apartment and wait. We'll be calling you with instructions. Don't involve the authorities or we'll be sending your sister back a piece at a time.

It's not signed. You realize that whoever took your sister can't be far and that maybe you could catch them leaving the building if you hurry.

Do you:

A. Follow the instructions on the note and head to your room?
B. Put in a call to the police and tell them about the incident?
C. Go back downstairs to see if you can turn up any other clues or catch the kidnappers?
D. Investigate your sister's room some more?
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